EVERYONE has the right to protect themselves and their loved ones. And should you find yourself in that unfortunate situation, you want to be ready to defend, while understanding your rights as a citizen.

Black Lion Firearms Training LLC is aimed at educating our customers on the safe handling, shooting and storage of firearms for the purpose of obtaining a State of Connecticut pistol permit.

We strive to create an informative, comfortable class environment for ALL. Whether you're an individual or group, our classes are designed to help you:
  • become more knowledgeable about firearms,
  • become more confident with firearms,
  • and increase your situational awareness (i.e., perceiving danger and knowing how best to respond)
Owner and instructor, Sam Galloway Ed. D., is a retired Connecticut State Police sergeant. Sam has over 20 years of law enforcement experience, including an 18-month tour in Tikrit, Iraq as a law enforcement professional with Military Professional Resources Incorporated (MPRI) during the Iraq War. Sam is USCCA-qualified as a range safety officer.

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